To whom is the coaching for?

The Sales Champion Learning Path. is designed especially for sales and customer service professionals who are motivated to develop their sales work to the next level and start the journey towards the new world of sales.

However, it is also suitable for anyone wanting to hone their sales skills. After all, at some point in your career, even if you’re not in sales, you’re going to have to sell something — whether it’s your idea, your team, or yourself.

  • You want to understand top-selling techniques and apply them to your own sales work

  • You want to build a customer relationship management (CRM) plan for top sales and put it into practice

  • You want to manage better models for leveraging data and information to close deals

  • You want to understand how to develop a top selling attitude and mentality

Online training 1:
Starting the sales process 

  • Get to know the client
  • Get the meeting: how to prepare and contact the client?
  • Setting up a successful meeting

Online training 2:
Uncovering the needs and expectations 

  • How to identify the client's challenges and bottlenecks?
  • How to turn the client's pain into values and messages?
  • What is needed for the winning proposal?

Online training 3:
Presenting the solution 

  • How to formulate a winning sales story?
  • Plan the process and create the closing plan
  • How to prepare to present the solution?

Online training 4:
Closing the deal 

  • How to set your actions to support closing already in the beginning?
  • How to understand your client’s concerns and respond to them?
  • How to successfully close the deal

Virtual training 1
Top Sales in Practice 

Virtual training 2
Top Sales Performance Tools 

Virtual training 3

Virtual training 4
Partnerships and Ecosystems 

Virtual training 5
Market and Competitors 

Individual sparring sessions (2) concentrate on the themes associated with each trainee’s personal sales champion plan.

More information

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Managing Director, speaker and sales coach

Mika Jantunen

Mika has been doing sales and development of sales operations for over 20 years internationally.

Mika’s special expertise revolves around developing sales models and tools to support sales moving into value and insight-based sales models.