• What is Future Skills Training?

    It is a transformative online learning platform designed to improve competency, skills, knowledge, and techniques that drive behavioral change and maximize success in business and professional life.

  • What kind of courses are offered by Future Skills Training?

    We have started our journey with sales trainings. In the near future there will also be courses on leadership, building a company culture, and developing your innovation abilities.

  • Where can I learn about the course curriculum and time commitment?

    You can search all Future Skills Training’s courses on the Catalog. Each course page includes a description and other details.

  • Are there instructors? Will my assignments be graded?

    Our first courses are self-guided online learning experiences. Your assignments will not be reviewed or graded by an instructor.

  • How do I enroll in a course?

    You can search all Future Skills Training’s courses on the Catalog page. Select a course to learn more. Then click “Purchase” to sign up for the course.

  • Do I earn a certificate after finishing a course?

    Yes! To receive a certificate you must finish the course and all its required assignments. You can then download the certificate from the final page of the course.

  • How do I log in to a course?

    Sign in to the platform, go to the catalog page and click on your desired course.

FAQ - Account and sign in

  • I’m a new user. How do I create an account?

    Click Sign in on the top menu bar. You can either sign in with your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn credentials or create a new account manually from there.

  • How do I sign in to Future Skills Training?

    You can sign in by clicking the button at the top right corner of the window.

  • How can I change my password?

    Sign in, select “My account” from the top menu bar and click “Password” to change it.

  • How can I update my email address?

    Sign in, select “My account” on the top menu bar and update your email address on your profile.

FAQ - Payments

  • How much do courses cost?

    The cost varies depending on the scope of the training. We also offer some online courses completely free of charge!

  • What type of payments methods are supported?

    You can pay using a Credit card or Debit card. Invoicing is also possible. Future Skills Training uses Stripe, a well-established, secure, credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payment.

    For invoice payment options, please contact us at contact@futureskills.training

  • How can I receive a receipt for a course I have purchased?

    You will automatically get a receipt for your order by email. You can also review and print the invoice for your purchase your Profile page from the Order History section.

FAQ - Technical requirements

  • What are the technical requirements for accessing and completing the course?

    In order to make sure Future Skills Training runs well, please make sure your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smart device has the following:
    - The most recent version of a web browser (we recommend using Chrome or Firefox)
    - Javascript enabled
    - PDF plugin
    - Graphic and audio output capability
    - Broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps (recommended)

    If you experience issues accessing any of the courses, please try a different browser, computer, or different location with stronger internet connectivity. Some browsers don't autoplay the sound or video that courses may have. In this case it's recommended that you check your browser settings and enable all media for this site, to get the best experience. If you continue experiencing issues, please contact the Future Skills Training team via contact@futureskills.training