What you'll learn

  • How to take a first step towards identifying potential clients

  • How to get a meeting with the client

  • How to plan and execute a successful meeting

  • How to initiate and continue the sales process, increasing the likelihood of closing the deal in the end


The first module of the Sales Steps series takes you through the first steps of the sales process and introduces methods to improve your sales performance at the beginning of the process. 

The course is ideal for anyone wanting to develop their sales effectiveness. It is especially targeted for those starting their career in sales. There are useful skills and tools for seasoned sales pros as well. 

Format and timing

  • Case-based learning: All course sections contain case examples and tasks. We strongly encourage that you select a real-world sales case of your own to reflect and apply the newly acquired insights and learnings into practice. An integral part of the course is a downloadable workbook, that is designed to help you structure your process and capture your thoughts. It might also be a good idea to share your insights with your sales team and supervisor.

  •  Timing: This online course consists of three sections and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

  • Certificates: Sales Steps Module 1 Completion Certificate.

Course syllabus

Section 1: Get to know the client 

  • Client profiling: Who is the client, what do they do and how is their business performing?  
  • Internal analysis: What can we deliver for this client? How do we smartly use our internal resources?  
  • Who should we contact and get a meeting? 


Section 2: Get the meeting 

  • The importance of creating a sales story 
  • Evaluating who to bring with you to the meeting 
  • How to prepare and contact the client 


Section 3: In the meeting 

  • Setting up a successful meeting  
  • Understanding the client better by asking the right questions 
  • Identifying the real decision-maker and uncovering the client's purchasing process