What you'll learn

  • To analyse the client’s challenges

  • How to create a winning proposal

  • To evaluate internal and external resources for implementing the solution


The second module of the Sales Steps series takes you through to analyze the client's challenges and what is needed to create a winning proposal for your client.

The course is ideal for anyone wanting to understand what is needed to progress in the sales process. It is especially targeted for those looking for new sources of sales energy and tools to speed up the client dialogue in sales.

Format and timing

  • Case-based learning: All course sections contain case examples and tasks. We strongly encourage that you select a real-world sales case of your own to reflect and apply the newly acquired insights and learnings into practice. An integral part of the course is a downloadable workbook, that is designed to help you structure your process and capture your thoughts. It might also be a good idea to share your insights with your sales team and supervisor.

  •  Timing: This online course consists of three sections and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

  • Certificates: Sales basics Module 2 Completion Certificate.


Course syllabus

Section 1: What is the client's pain?

  • How to address the client's challenges and bottlenecks in order to start formulating a winning proposal.   
  • Evaluate who the challenges affect and how. 
  • Evaluate the consequences for the client for not solving their problems.

Section 2: How to cure the pain? 

  • How to turn the client's pain into values and messages that are needed to create a winning proposal.  
  • Creating a value-based proposal.
  • Evaluating the resources and schedule for implementing the solution.

Section 3: What solution could we provide?  

  • How to look for references and experiences from similar cases.
  • How to evaluate the capabilities for implementing the solution.
  • How to evaluate the financial scope for implementing the solution. to evaluate the financial scope for implementing the solution.