What you'll learn

  • To set your actions to support closing already in the beginning of the sales process.

  • To clear any doubts from the client.

  • To negotiate the terms of the contract.


The fourth module of the Sales Steps series focuses on the closing phase of the sales process. Topics covered are how the beginning of the sales process affects closing, how to manage the client's resistance, and how to speed up the client's decision-making process.

The course is ideal for anyone wanting to increase closing rates in sales.  

Format and timing

  • Case-based learning: All course sections contain case examples and tasks. We strongly encourage that you select a real-world sales case of your own to reflect and apply the newly acquired insights and learnings into practice. An integral part of the course is a downloadable workbook, that is designed to help you structure your process and capture your thoughts. It might also be a good idea to share your insights with your sales team and supervisor..

  • Timing: This online course consists of three sections and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

  • Certificates: Sales basics Module 4 Completion Certificate.


Course syllabus

Section 1: Closing starts from hello 

  • How to set your actions to support closing already in the beginning
  • How to ask the right questions that give you information to support your closing plan 
  • How to contact the client successfully 

 Section 2: Clearing obstacles 

  • How to understand your client’s concerns and respond to them.  
  • How to vaccinate against opposition.  

Section 3: Ending the process successfully 

  • How to speed up the client’s decision-making process  
  • How to negotiate a suitable contract  
  • How to successfully close the deal